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Two years back our friend Gyanmitra went deep inside the ocean with his little cutie friend,  Cheenu - the fish in search of treasure that may have remained there on a sunken ship. Instead of finding treasure, what he found was even more enchanting. It was a sparkling mani inside a half open shell that was emitting light in five brilliant colours . When this mani was brought on the land, it gave birth to five characters namely; Jalpari, Jaanu Joker, Medha, Bob & Peter Sir. All of them started narrating the stories, facts or quiz related to science in their own peculiar style.People at UPTEC just tried to gather that knowledge from each one of them and packaged it for you in form of Computer CDs.

Children studying in any standard from class 5th to class 8th,would surely enjoy lots of things for hours of learning and fun. So give a try.




This CD is narrated by Jalpari, in her peculiar soft story-telling style. All five features which we call the colours of interactive learning are presented in the following fifteen fascinating stories about scientists and their discoveries

Eureka Eureka                    The story of Archimedes and his density experiment.
Alien Talk About SETI project and possibility of life elsewhere in this universe.

Kite In The Cloud

Benjamin Franklin's Kite flying Experiment and discovery of lightning conductor.               
Bulb Of Edison The discovery of the light bulbs.
Jantar Mantar About the structures that help us in astronomical calculations.
The Musical Train The doppler effect that proved the change in frequency of moving objects.
Fly Bird The science behind flying of birds.
The Bell of Columbus Understanding the way time is maintained during a voyage.
Chords of Music The science behind sounds of a guitar as studied by Pythagoras.
Powerful Bond The famous horse and globe experiment about the atmospheric pressure.
Star Observer The discovery of telescope by Galileo.
Broom in the Sky About some famous comets and their properties.
Big Ben at London The understanding of time zones with respect to GMT.
Tick Tock Tic The discovery of pendulum clock by Christian Huygens.

Chandelier in the Cathedral

The study of pendulum properties by Galileo.


  This CD is narrated by our creation Jaanu Joker, who begins by dancing to the tune of a jingle at JJ Circus. Later the Joker demonstrates his knowledge of scientific facts and presents the following fifteen do-it-yourself experiments to learn interesting scientific facts.  
Brainy Current     The recording of brain-waves as EEG for diagnosis purposes.
The Book Called Magnet The magnet properties as studied and documented by William Gilbert.

Coin And Weight

The principles behind functioning of coin based weighing machines.
Colours In Light The study of spectrum of light with a prism experiment.
Colour Mixer Three Colours of Light and theories about nature of light.
Distant Stars How the properties of stars are determined with its light spectrum.
The Bomb That Exploded About the atomic energy and Einstien's mass-energy relationship.
The Pollen Grains The motion of liquid particles as studied by Robert Brown.
Hearty Dhak Dhak The ECG machine and its ability to diagnose heart problems.
Life Without Oil About the decaying natural fossil fuel resources.
Magnetic Animals The amazing facts regarding animals with direction finding capabilities.
Magnetic Compass The functioning and construction of a compass.
Sa Re Ga Ma The scientific similarity between Indian and Western music.
Stopping A Train The operation of shock absorbers between train coaches.
Winter Warm Water The facts behind survival of fishes in a frozen lake.

Children Science Quiz - Physics

This CD contains a quiz preparation software, where questions are similar to that you find in your school physics syllabus with topics like Units & Measurement, Force, Motion, Work Power & Energy, Machines, Heat, Sound, Magnetism, Electricity, Light, Universe etc. You may select topic of your choice or create a quiz session from all topics. The quiz contains interesting images that are related to the content of the question. Here also if you win medals, you are rewarded with PC-games playing time.

Children Science Quiz - Chemistry

This quiz CD is similar to the Physics Quiz CD in features, but it contains the questions on topics such as Matter & Substance, Changes Around Us, Air, Water, Chemical bonds and Reactions, Oxides, Acids, Bases, Salts, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Carbon & Its Compounds, Metals & Alloys, Electrolysis, Inert Gases, Rocks & Minerals etc

Children Science Quiz - Biology

 This quiz CD contains all middle school BioemoSlogy topics such as Living World, Evolution, Taxonomy, Cell, Tissue, Pollination, Seed, Fruits, Foods & Nutrition, System of Human Body, Genetics etc. Other user features of quiz preparation, question,images, medals, game rewards etc. are same as other CDs of the series.
  Enchanting Multimedia  
  Our product reflects the true computer multimedia strength viz. text, audio,images and animation. When this multimedia is combined with the power of interactivity provided in this CD-Range, you truly get the feel that original multimedia designers had planned, that is the feel of interacting with the talking computers.  

  Click & Drag Activity  


UPTEC has introduced Click ANd Drag LEarning  approach (also called CANDLE approach) after an extensive research on human learning process. This approach primarily focuses on the retention power of the children. The  Do-It-Yourself technique that is otherwise available with the help of an instructor in a school lab has been presented in a simplified manner by allowing the children to perform some on-screenactivities.

    PopUp Information    
  The product gives information in a Pop-Up form. Pop-Up form means, something where you get extra information as Pop-Up bubbles over the information marked in the main running piece of information. These CDs extensively use this technique to show word-meanings, Scientist Information, Keynotes, Activity etc.  
  Interesting Quiz Sessions:    
  The Product also offers self assessment or quizzing. You may always had feared tests and exams. But this one would be an exception. You would always love to go thru these quizzes, once you know that you are going to get immediate rewards after the quiz. The quiz is based on the story you hear or there would be some simple questions to test your knowledge related to the given subject/topic or story. If the questions are still felt difficult by you a review session is also there to tell you the answers.    

Medals & Games

This is the most attractive feature of our product. You will get Gold, Silver and Bronze medals after you go through the quizzes. The higher the medal you wins, more time you are rewarded for playing exquisite PC-games right there on his CD. Even your parents will not object to playing these games as they are rewards for good-learning. The games you gets are the ones that are most loved by children of his age. He may get an opportunity to ski over a mountain or a chance to participate in a trap-shooting event similar to Olympics. Many other popular arcade games are also there for hours of fun and learning.

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  This range of product has been produced and created by some young multi-media authors, artists and enthusiasts under the guidance of some leading industry experts and educationists, formerly associated with IIMs, IITs, NITs, IBM & Bell Systems (USA).  The team that created this product for you is also known in the industry for some of the leading CD-Titles under the brand ‘Yaksha' for competition preparation. More than one lakh users have already created their fortunes by using these CD-Titles. The forum where these creative technologies people meet and build learning solutions for you is a company called UPTEC computer consultancy limited, that was established in 1993. This leading new generation IT organisation was formed as a joint venture promoted by the U.P. Electronics (A Government Undertaking).

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