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How fishes live in frozen lake

In very cold countries snowfall is a common feature. When it snows  everything is covered with a layer of snow, even water bodies. People enjoy a lot, when they skate on frozen lakes and ponds. But, beneath the upper layer of ice there is warm water and aquatic life continues as usual. Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, there's is a reason behind this unique phenomenon. Most substances expand when heated and contract when cooled. But, water behaves in a little different way. It contracts as it cools until 40 C. Below 40 C water expands as it cools, until, it freezes.As water cools down its density increases until it reaches 40 C then its density begins to drop again. This causes the colder portion to rise above the denser but warm water. Thus the really cold water in the lake is at surface where it finally freezes. This property of water protects the aquatic life in long freezing winters.

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