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The power of Einstein’s energy equation

Ya! That’s true. Atom bomb and Large Electric power stations share the same theory. An airplane drops an atom bomb on a city. Within seconds the entire city is destroyed. Large number of people die and several others are badly injured. Even the trees, roads and houses are damaged. Three days later a bomb is dropped on another city with similar devastating results. This is what actually happened in the year 1945 when the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed on August 6 & 9 respectively. Earlier in 1905, Albert Einstein had proposed a formula known as the ‘mass-energy relation’. According to this, if mass ‘m’ is converted into energy then energy released, E is equal to m x c2(E=mc2) where ‘c’ is the speed of light. The importance and impact of this equation was realized by the world in 1945 when the atom bomb was created. Later hydrogen bomb was also developed using this theory. Nowadays, we use nuclear energy for beneficial purpose also, for example to generate electricity. In Nuclear power plants heat energy produced by the fission of uranium is used for converting water into steam to run turbines which in turn run the electric generators. These generators produce millions of megawatts of electric power. Thus, practical application of mass energy relationship has helped the mankind a lot. But, some people feel that nuclear energy is harmful for mankind and its usage should be totally banned.

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