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Diagnosis technique that uses brain electricity

A train usually has fifteen to twenty coaches all joined together in a row. The train gains a lot of kinetic energy as it moves ahead at high speed. When the driver applies brakes and the train screeches to a halt, the coaches do not collide with each other. Why? Because of cylindrical shock absorbers at the end of each carriages. As the train stops the two circular pans at the end of each cylindrical bars collide and absorb the kinetic energy of the moving train. The springs inside the cylindrical shock absorbers convert the kinetic energy of moving train to energy stored in the springs, which is then gradually dissipated. Thus the carriage remains safe.Shock absorbers present in cycles and automobile work on the same principle. Human being also have natural shock absorbers. The disks of cartilage, present between the bones of the spine act as shock absorbers, when a person lands on earth after a jump from a high place.

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