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Sense of Direction in Animals

Do you know? Animals can find directions. May be we too can.Some species of animals and birds travel thousands of kilometers away from their home. After a period of time they return back without consulting any maps or guides. How do they manage to find their way? After intense research scientists have come up with an interesting fact. Animals like whales, dolphins, sea slugs, sea turtles and migratory birds like Bobolinks have a natural compass in their body. Magnetite, commonly known as lodestone is present in the receptor cells of their brains. Magnetite acts like a compass and, thus, gives them a sense of direction while migrating or navigating to far off places. Snails have magnetite on their tongues, which helps them to scrape up food. They always point north when they are resting.The Australian Compass Termites always build their nest pointing north. This prevents them from becoming overheated in the afternoon. The newborn Loggerhead turtles have the ability to sense the direction and strength of earth’s magnetic field, which they use for navigating along their regular migration route. The migration begins and ends on the shores of eastern Florida. The entire journey takes five to ten years to complete.

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