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The need for oil conservartion

OK! Let us understand the need for oil conservation. Think of the day when there is no petrol in the world. Where will the fuel for our machines and automobiles come from? Instead of petrol, bullocks will drive cars. Petrol is also an important ingredient in the manufacturing of plastics, acrylics, cosmetics, paints, varnishes, asphalts, fertilizers, and medicines. This means forget all about telephone sets, skin creams, soaps, roads, pens, wallets, carpets etc. And if an enemy attacks our country the military will be useless. Without petrol the powerful tanks, rockets, ships all will be reduced to showpieces. This is not mere fantasy. The known reserves of crude-oil, the natural form of fuel-oil, the most important by-product of which is petrol, will run-out in a decade or so, at its present rate of consumption. .In fact oil is one of the most used fossil fuels in the world. Fossil fuels are fuels consisting of the remains of organisms, preserved in rocks in the earth's crust, with high carbon and hydrogen content. Natural gas and carbon are other examples of fossil fuels. Without these natural sources of energy, life will come to a standstill. The fuel reserves of the world are drying up fast and the need is to understand the value of conservation. Then only we can have a better future.

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