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Great Invention from a dangerous experiment

He was the fifteenth child of a poor candle maker in Boston, USA. He    never received formal education. But he had a penchant for books.  While working for his brother’s printing press he came across books on subjects. Gradually he became interested in science. He carried out many experiments to test his ideas.This nature of experimentation led him to conduct the famous Kite Flying Experiment in 1752, at Philadelphia. He flew a kite during a thunderstorm. He wanted to prove that lightning is electricity. He made a kite of silk cloth and fitted a metallic wire on the kite. He connected this wire to the kite string. At the bottom of this string he fixed a metallic key.On a day when it was raining heavily accompanied by lightning, he flew the kite. In a short time the kite string was wet. Thus it turned into an electrical conductor. The moment he touched the metallic key attached to the string he got an electric shock.  He was really lucky to escape unhurt that day. You should never attempt this experiment. Now, would you like to know who he was? We are talking about the great American scientist, inventor, printer, author, publisher, diplomat and social worker Benjamin Franklin>. Based on his experiment Franklin later invented the Lightning Conductor. It consists of a metallic rod, which is installed on tall buildings to protect them from lightning.