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ECG-Doctor's way of listening to the heart beat

My Heart says, Dhak-Dhak-Dhu, I love you.Put your ear to your friend’s heart and listen to the sound of his heartbeats -dhak, dhak, dhak… A healthy heart beats approximately 72 times in a minute. At the beginning of every heartbeat a controlled electric pulse comes from in the heart that regulate the time taken by every beat. Any abnormality in the heart can affect the heartbeat.An ECG or Electro–Cardio–Gram test is a graphic record of the heart’s electrical activity. Electrodes are attached to the patient’s chest, arms and ankles using stickers and clips. The electrical impulses passing under the surface are then caught by the electrodes and recorded by a machine attached to it. The recording looks like a fine wavy line on a piece of graph paper .Experts analyze it and prepare a final report. Thanks to this invention, now, it’s very easy to heart disease. It was Willem Einthoven, a Dutch doctor who invented the ECG. For his great contribution he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1924.

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