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The suspense behind suspended things

So many interesting things are happening around you. Have you ever paid any attention to them? Have you ever realized how important it is to observe? You must have heard about Galileo Galilei the Italian astronomer. He is famous for his observation of the moon, the sun and the stars. His habit of observation led to an important discovery. One day when Galileo visited the Cathedral in Pisa, Italy, he observed an interesting phenomenon. A chandelier was swinging back and forth at regular intervals.Using his heartbeat as a clock he timed the period of each oscillation. Galileo wondered –why the time taken by the pendulum to swing to and fro is always same? After years of research he came up with an answer. A pendulum is isochronous i.e. equal or uniform in time. Thus for pendulums of equal lengths, the time of oscillation is constant, whatever be the amplitude (arc) of oscillation. This discovery of Galileo benefited the research into methods for the measurement of time intervals.

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