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Diagnosis technique that uses brain electricity

Let us know the facts about diagnosing with the use of brain electricity .If you have ever been to the seaside, you must have noticed, how the waves come to the shore and go back. Do you know that such waves are formed in our brain also? The cells in the brain communicate by sending out electrical impulses. These impulses travel in the form of waves. These brain waves can be measured through a brain-wave test called Electro-Encephalo- Graphy or EEG. The test is carried out to check brain related problems. EEG is very easy and painless test. A cap fitted with electrodes (wires) is put on the patient’s head. The patient, then closes his eyes and tries to relax. A machine attached to the electrodes records the brain wave activity. Later the doctors analyze the recording and prepare a final report. The report helps in the diagnosis of brain diseases. Would you like to know who discovered EEG? In1929, a German doctor, Hans Berger proved the existence of electric impulses in the human brain using an electro-encephalo-graph. For his contribution he came to be known as the ‘Father of Electroencephalography’.

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